Monarch Butterflies According to Ellie Caulkins

Intrigued by the fat, striped caterpillars that her grandchildren brought home from the fields in Maine, Ellie Caulkins challenged herself to know more about the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. What is its life cycle? Where does it migrate for the winter? How can we provide more habitat?

With fascinating photos and colorful dialogue, Ellie shared her Monarch Butterfly experiences with Garden Club of Denver members on February 15, hosted by Sally Obregon. We voyaged with Ellie to her summer house in Maine, to the Oyamel Fir Forests in Central Mexico and back to her winter house in Denver. Along the way, we picked up some fascinating facts about the Monarch Butterfly and learned how we can provide critical milkweed habitat for the caterpillar.

If you are interested in planting milkweed in your garden, contact Jane Davis for milkweed seeds.

To learn more about the Monarch Butterfly on the Wikipedia Website, click here.