Ada Welborn Cup

In 1936, a silver cup was purchased by the Garden Club of Denver, to be awarded for expertness in flower arranging to an exhibitor at the Annual Meeting Flower Show, selected by a vote of the members. It is named for Ada Welborn, one of the Founders of the Garden Club of Denver.

2023 Nan Procknow

2022 Not Awarded

2021 Caroline Rassenfoss  and Lisa Gould

2020 No Competition
2019  Martha Veldkamp
2018  Bonnie Grenney
2017  Missy Eliot and Nina Sisk
2016  Nancy Jones and Leslie Liedtke
2015  Cindy Scott and Deborah Foy
2014  Wendy White
2013  Nina Sisk and Bonnie Grenney
2012  Caroline Rassenfoss and Lisa Gould Mary Elliman and Leslie Cavness, Bonnie Grenney and Linda Zinn
2011  Bonnie Grenney and Angela Overy
2010  Amy Godfrey, Lisa Gould and Caroline Rassenfoss
2009  Carol Schmidt
2008  Mrs. Trevor Brown, Mrs. Jerry Ladd, Mrs. Brewster Boyd and Mary Schaefer
2007  Mrs. Charles L. Cavness, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Elliman
2005 Mrs. Warren Sheridan and Mrs. Richard Mandelson
2004  Mrs. James S. Wilson
2003  Mrs. Andrew L. Blair, Jr.
2002  Mrs. Edward P . Connors
2001  Deborah Enoch Davis
2000  Deborah Enoch Davis
1999  Mrs. Warren Sheridan
1998  Mrs. Warren Sheridan
1997  Mrs. Edward P. Connors and Mrs. George C. Gibson
1996  Mrs. Richard Downing, Jr.
1995  Mrs. Warren Sheridan
1994  Mrs. Warren Sheridan
1993  Deborah Enoch Davis
1992  Mrs. Warren Sheridan
1991  Mrs. Hugh R. Overy
1990  Mrs. Donald M. Culver
1989  Mrs. Donald M. Culver and Mrs. Richard Downing, Jr.
1988  Mrs. Warren Sheridan
1987  Mrs. Hugh R. Overy
1986  Mrs. William Jackson
1985  Mrs. Warren Sheridan
1984  Mrs. Warren Sheridan
1983  Mrs. Willett Moore
1982  Mrs. Frank Freyer (Mrs. B. K. Sweeney, Jr.)
1981  Mrs. Walter Koch
1980  Mrs. Arthur G. Rydstrom
1979  Mrs. Mackintosh Brown
1978  Mrs. Theodore Washburne
1977  Mrs. Samuel Childs
1976  Mrs. John C. Mitchell
1975  Mrs. Barbara Moore Rumsey
1974  Mrs. Arthur G. Rydstrom
1973  Mrs. Arthur G. Rydstrom
1972  Mrs. Schuyler Grey
1971  Mrs. Schuyler Grey
1970  Mrs. James Rae Arneill, Jr.
1969  Mrs. Willett Moore and Mrs. Samuel Childs
1968  Mrs. Willett Moore
1967  Mrs. Samuel Childs
1966  Mrs. J. Churchill Owen
1965  Mrs. Samuel Childs
1964  Mrs. George Garrey
1963  Mrs. Arthur G. Rydstrom
1962  Mrs. Hudson Moore, Jr.
1961  Mrs. C. Walter Allen
1960  Mrs. Willett Moore
1959  Mrs. Arthur G. Rydstrom
1958  Mrs. C. Walter Allen
1957  Mrs. Alonzo Lilly
1956  Mrs. John B. Welborn
1955  Mrs. Arthur G. Rydstrom
1954  Mrs. C. Walter Allen
1953  Mrs. J. Churchill Owen
1952  Mrs. Hudson Moore, Jr.
1951  Mrs. John McKenzie
1950  Mrs. Frank McLister
1949  Mrs. Wallin Foster
1948  Mrs. George Berger
1947  Mrs. George Garrey
1946  Mrs. John McPhee
1945  No competition
1944  No competition
1943  Mrs. Harold Kountze
1942  Mrs. Harold Kountze
1941  Mrs. George H. Garrey
1940  Mrs. James J. Waring
1939  Mrs. George Berger
1938  Mrs. Harold Kountze
1937  Mrs. Harold Kountze
1936  Mrs. Verner Reed

Walker Tears Tureen

In 1939, a silver tureen was given to the Garden Club of Denver by Mr. Irwin Tears in memory of Mrs. Hepburn Walker and Mrs. Daniel Tears. In 1941, it was voted that the tureen be given each year to the member who does the most outstanding work for the Garden Club of Denver for that year.

2023 Amy Mower

2022 Lindsay Dodge                                                                                          2021 Missy Elliot and Nina Sisk
2020 Steering Committee of Florabundance
2019  Deborah Foy and Cindy Scott
2018  Sally Obregon and Margaret Garbe
2017  Alice Hughes
2016  Mary Talbot
2015  Mary Elliman
2014  Deborah Enoch Davis
2013  Meg Nichols
2012  Helen Boyd
2011  Bonnie Grenney and Lindsay Dodge
2010  Ann Crammond and Meg Nichols
2009  Deborah Enoch Davis
2008  Mrs. William C. Jackson, Jr.
2007  Mrs. Paul V. Grenney
2006  Mrs. William R. Hudon and Mrs. Timothy Davis
2005  Mrs. Hugh Overy
2004  Mrs. Stephen S. Marsters and Mrs. Max Martin
2003  Mrs. Paul V. Grenney
2002  Mrs. George C. Gibson and Mrs. James S. Wilson
2001  Mrs. John Brooks, Jr. (now Mrs. Thomas Owen) and Mrs. Warren Sheridan
2000  Mrs. James M. Idema, Jr.
1999  Mrs. James B. Kurtz
1998  Mrs. Jeffrey H. Schutz (now Ms. Carol Purdy)
1997  Mrs. Lee Nelson, Mrs. Hugh Overy and Mrs. James S. Wilson
1996  Mrs. Richard M. Davis and Mrs. Richard Downing, Jr.
1995  Mrs. Deborah Enoch Davis and Ms. Mary Schaefer
1994  Mrs. Mackintosh Brown
1993  Mrs. Hugh R. Overy
1992  Mrs. George C. Gibson
1991  Mrs. Edward P . Connors
1990  Mrs. William C. Jackson, Jr.
1989  Mrs. Warren Sheridan and Mrs. Harley G. Higbie, Jr.
1988  Miss Melanie Grant
1987  Miss Melanie Grant
1986  Mrs. Richard Downing, Jr.
1985  not awarded
1984  not awarded
1983  Mrs. Harley G. Higbie, Jr.
1982  Mrs. James J. Waring
1981  Mrs. William C. Jackson, Jr.
1980  Mrs. John F. Kelly
1979  Mrs. John F. Kelly
1978  Mrs. George Hopfenbeck and Mrs. Richard Kirk
1977  Mrs. Thomas Taplin and Mrs. George Kelly
1976  Not Awarded
1975  Not Awarded
1974  Mrs. Thomas Taplin
1973  Mrs. Donald C. Campbell
1972  Mrs. Frank B. Freyer (Mrs. B. K. Sweeney)
1971  Mrs. Willett S. Moore
1970  Mrs. Willett S. Moore
1969  Mrs. J. Kenneth Malo
1968  Mrs. Harley G. Higbie, Jr.
1967  Mrs. Mackintosh Brown
1966  Mrs. George Garrey
1965  Mrs. Arthur Rydstrom
1964  Mrs. John Mitchell
1963  Mrs. Willett S. Moore
1962  Mrs. Arthur Rydstrom
1961  Mrs. J. Kernan Weckbaugh & Mrs. Raymond Sargent
1960  Mrs. Samuel B. Childs
1959  Mrs. Alonzo Lilly
1958  Mrs. Guilford Jones
1957  Mrs. E. H. Honnen
1956  Mrs. James J. Waring
1955  Mrs. Charles Roland Enos
1954  Mrs. Frank McLister
1953  Mrs. George Garrey
1952  Mrs. Hubert Work
1951  Mrs. Cass Herrington
1950  Mrs. Robert M. Perry
1949  Mrs. James J. Waring
1948  Mrs. J. Churchill Owen
1947  Mrs. John Evans
1946  Mrs. Hudson Moore, Jr.
1945  Miss Florence Martin
1944  No Competition
1943  Mrs. James J. Waring
1942  Mrs. Barnett
1941  Mrs. Ralph Bulkley
1940  Mrs. John Evans
1939  Mrs. John Evans

Mary Kountze Knowles Horticulture Award

In 1991, a silver cup was given to the Garden Club of Denver by Nancy Kountze Mitchell (Mrs. John C. Mitchell, II) in memory of her sister, Mary Kountze Knowles. The cup belonged to their mother, Louise Bulkley Kountze, and it was thought to be a wedding present, about 1907. It is awarded for excellence in horticulture at the Annual Meeting Flower Show, selected by a vote of the members. 

2023 Marilyn Wilson

2022 Not Awarded

2021 Ann Crammond and Janet Manning

2020 No Competition

2019  Mary Fowler 

2018  Courtney Marsters 

2017  Jane Davis and Courtney Marsters

2016  Betty Taylor 

2015  Mary Elliman 

2014  Sally Harvey and Wendy White

2013  Mary Elliman 

2012  Cindy Scott & Janet Manning 

2011  Wendy White and Janet Manning

2010  Bonnie Grenney and Sally Harvey 

2009  Genie Waters 

2008  Mrs. J. Kernan Weckbaugh

2007  Deborah Enoch Davis

2005  Mrs. Donald Elliman  

2004  Mrs. Donald Elliman 

2003  Mrs. Richard Garbe

2002  Mrs. William B. Harvey 

2001  Mrs. Mackintosh Brown 

2000  Mrs. Richard Hamman, Mrs. William B. Harvey, Mrs. Frank A. Kugeler 

1999  Mrs. Hugh R. Overy 

1998  Mrs. Lee Nelson 

1997  Mrs. James M. Idema, Jr. 

1996  Mrs. Richard Downing 

1995  Mrs. Stephen S. Marsters 

1994  Mrs. Richard Downing 

1993  Mrs. Richard Hamman

1992  Mrs. J. Kernan Weckbaugh

1991  Mrs. Stephen S. Marsters

“Ladies of the Garden Club” Doll Award (Retired in 2006)

In August 2000, Mrs. J. Kenneth Malo, Jr. presented the Garden Club of Denver with a “Garden Club Lady” to be presented by the President to a member who brings “joy and happiness . . . someone we all know and love,” the intent of the artist. 

 2005  Mrs. Paul Grenney

 2004  Mrs. Donald Elliman

 2003  Mrs. Robert Zinn 

 2002  Mrs. Stephen L. Waters

 2001  Mrs. William C. Jackson, Jr. 


Spirit of 2006 Award

In honor of the spirit of 2006, it will be awarded to a committee of the Garden Club of Denver, which has performed extraordinarily well for the Club during its term.

2023 Floral Design Committee: Elizabeth Weigand, Lisa Duke and Martha Veldkamp

2022 Photography Committee: Deborah Foy & Suellen White

2021 Membership and Bylaws Committees: Margaret Garbe, Jane Davis and Sheilagh Hudon

2020 Steering Committee of the Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference

2019  Photography Committee: Margaret Garbe, Sarah Grey, and Amy Mower 

2018  Program Committee: Leslie Liedtke and Nancy Schotters 

2017  Floral Design Committee: Lisa Duke and Nan Procknow 

2016  Centennial Project Committee: Judy Grant, Courtney Marsters and Suellen White

2015  Website Task Force: Headed by Amy Quinn, Mary Elliman and Amy Mower 

2014  Cutting Garden Committee: Co-chaired by Lainie Jackson, Genie Waters and Linda Zinn

2013  Conservation Committee: Co-chaired by Bar Chadwick and Carol Griesemer 

2012  Horticulture Committee: Co-chaired by Missy Eliot and Tracy Zarlengo

2011  Nancy Clarke Luncheon Committee: Bea Taplin, Patty McConaty and Kay Malo 

2010  Newsletter Editors: Angela Overy and Meg Nichols 

2009  Bylaws Revision Committee: Sheilagh Hudon, Monty Kugeler, Marilyn Wilson, Debbie Davis and Lindsay Dodge

2008  Garden Design Committee Chaired by Judy Grant 

2007  Auction Committee “Hidden Talents, Hidden Treasures”, chaired by Monty Kugeler and Mary Schaefer 

2006  Garden Club of Denver 

Photography Bowl

In 2004, a GCA Anniversary Bowl, once belonging to Mrs. Alonzo Lily, was given to GCD by her granddaughter. It was decided in 2007 that the bowl be presented at the Annual Meeting Flower Show to the best of show in photography.

2023 Mary Fowler

2022 Not Awarded

2021 Amy Mower

2020 No Competition

2019  Kathleen Woodberry 

2018  Bonnie Grenney 

2016  Cindy Scott and Amy Mower 

2015  Amy Quinn 

2014  Cindy Scott 

2013  Angela Overy

2012  Suellen White 

2011  Brooke Pruter

2010  Wendy White and Lindsay Dodge 

2009  Angela Overy 

2008  Katy Dickson and Margaret Garbe 

2007  Leslie Cavness

The Florence Martin Cup

In 2012, a footed, silver urn was discovered at Waring House by Denver Botanic Gardens Staff. It bears the name of Florence Martin, a past member of the Garden Club of Denver. The Inscription reads: 

“To Florence Martin from a few of her many friends in Denver.” On the back it also notes “New Friendships come, old friendships stay, which is stronger is hard to say. Love is not measured by the time that has passed. Florence is treasured, whether first or last.” 

So beginning in 2012, The Florence Martin Cup will be awarded annually to a long- serving member of the Garden Club of Denver who has demonstrated unstinting generosity in the sharing of her friendship and her life’s store of knowledge with all members of the Club.

2023 Debbie Davis

2022 Sally Harvey

2021 Marilyn Wilson

2020 Sissy Gibson

2019  Hope Connors 

2018  Angela Overy

2017  Tinka Kurtz

2016  Rhondda Grant

2015  Joanne Sinclaire

2014  Knobby Brown

2013  Bea Taplin

The Conservation Award

In 2000, a silver bowl was given to the Garden Club of Denver by Linda Roberts Zinn to be presented yearly, if appropriate, to a member or members for outstanding contribution to conservation.

2023 Lynn Dolven

2022 Sarah Alijani and Holley Sanford

2021 Amy Mower and Lise Woodard

2020 Debbie Davis, Mary Fowler and Barb Hamman for the SMHC Pre and Post Trips

2019  Nan Procknow

2018  Liz Walker and Deborah Foy

2017  Liza Grant

2016  Nancy Schotters 

2015  Cindy Scott and Sally Obregon 

2014  Bar Chadwick 

2013  Cindy Scott

2012  Suellen White

2011  Barbara Hamman

2010  Margaret Brown

2009  Janet Manning

2007  Mrs. Robert Manning, Jr. and Mrs. Joseph Rassenfoss

2006  Mrs. Barbara Moore Rumsey

2004 Mrs. William Sinclaire

2002  Mrs. Dennis E. Baldwin

2001  Mrs. James B. Kurtz

2000  Mrs. Timothy Davis & Mrs. Kent Johnson 

90th Birthday Honorary Citations (Retired)

2014  Bea Taplin

2011  Harriet Kelly  

2008  Barbara Moore, Anne Weckbaugh, Prue Grant

Members Years of Service Certificate

2023 Rhondda Grant-50 years: Genie Waters-30 years: Linda Roberts Zinn-25 years

2022 Tinka Kurtz & Bea Taplin-55 years; Hope Connors-45 years: Kay Malo-40 years; Debbie Davis & Angela Overy-35 years

2021 Jane Davis-35 years & Ruth Hopfenbeck-50 years

2020-Nancy Downing, Ginny Freyer, Melanie Grant, Barb Hamman, Kay Malo, Susie Sheridan, Genie Waters-35 years

2019 Hope Connors, Joanne Sinclaire & Muffie Dahlberg-40 years

2018 Ruth Hopfenbeck-45 years, Rhondda Grant & Lainie Jackson-40 years

2017 Barbara Baldwin, Lorraine Higbie & Betty Taylor-45 years

2016 Knobby Brown, Tinka Kurtz, Bea Taplin-50 years


Garden Club of America Awards

2023 GCA Medal of Merit – Lindsay Dodge

2023 GCA Conservation Award – Suellen White