Step Up! The GCA Conservation Committee

“The purpose of the Conservation Committee is to keep the GCA membership well informed on current conservation issues; to promote respect for natural resources and responsibility for environmental stewardship; to encourage clubs to identify and carry out conservation work locally; to provide environmental education programs for youth and the general public; and with the Executive Committee’s approval, to work with other conservation agencies and organizations whose programs complement those of The Garden Club of America.”

The GCA Conservation Committee has a Chairman, Zone Representatives (Cindy Scott is the Zone XII representative) and 14 Vice Chairmen! The Vice Chairmen are responsible for specific areas monitored by the GCA Conservation Committee.

  • Agriculture
  • Quality/Toxic Substances
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Sources
  • Forest/Redwoods
  • Land Use/ Sustainable Development/Public Lands
  • National Parks
  • Native Plants/Pollinators/Endangered Species/Invasive Species
  • Oceans
  • Transportation/Infrastructure
  • Water/Wetlands
  • Conservation Study Trip
  • Partners for Plants (Janet Manning)

Many of the Zone representatives and the Vice Chairmen wear two hats as they also serve on the National Affairs and Legislation Committee and attend the NAL Conference in Washington DC in February. Each club sends delegates as well. GCD is sending Deb Foy and Liz Owens to NAL. You will hear more about the conference in April. 

As noted above, Janet Manning and Sharon Blackburn (Janet’s counterpart on the GCA Horticulture committee) chair Partners for Plants (P4P). P4P is a joint habitat restoration program of the GCA Conservation and Horticulture Committees whose purpose is to facilitate projects between local GCA clubs and land managers on federal, state, local and other significant public lands. Projects may include the monitoring and protection of rare, endangered and medicinal plants, the propagation and replanting of native plants and the removal of invasive plants.

The GCA Conservation committee publishes ConWatch, an online publication, and has also published (online or hard copy) The History of Conservation in the Garden Club of America.  Please visit the GCA Website to read both or order the hard copy of the book. All the GCA Position Papers are also on the Website.

The GCA Conservation Committee is a hard working group of women who encourage all of us to Step Up! As noted on the GCA website, “Preservation of the natural world was a founding concept of GCA. We are thankful to our founding members as they left a healthier and more beautiful world for us. Today, we are experiencing impacts of climate change and can turn to our clubs to help us understand and take action. It is our turn to act and to leave this planet a better place for future GCA club members, as well as our children and grandchildren. “