DBG Floral Designs

Lainie’s Cutting Garden at Denver Botanic Gardens has been absolutely gorgeous this summer, even with our cold spring and late start! What a delight and treat to be able to cut a variety of flowers in such an array of colors.

Thank you to Angie from DBG, Linda Zinn, Nancy Schotters and all our members who have volunteered their time to tend and cultivate the garden. The Cutting Garden provides our DBG Floral Design teams with beautiful plant material to cut and arrange.(Fortunately- uneaten by the bunnies!) The dahlias look perfect right now, so if they’re one of your favorites, don’t forget to sign-up this fall before the first frost arrives!

A especially heartfelt thank you to Debbie Davis for managing floral designing at DBG for so many years, while also designing her own stunning floral arrangements. Thank you for all your hard work, guidance and wealth of knowledge!

Thanking the DBG Staff and a Floral Design Opportunity

We were also able to cut flowers for DBG Floral Design from the Annuals Garden, which is scheduled to be dug up on October 3, 9:30-11:30 a.m. Instead of all those beautiful flowers sent to compost, we will use all the plant material to make hand-tied bouquets for the employees of the gardens who have helped us all season. This is weather dependent so there will be an email with more information sent before October 3. Vases will be provided, just bring your clippers. Let Elizabeth Weigand know if you are interested.

Below are a few examples of the many gorgeous arrangements created by our members this summer.

Orange zinnia arrangement design by Suzanne Mackenzie
Purple dahlia and yellow snapdragons designed by Elizabeth Weigand.
Magenta zinnia arrangement designed by Barbara Macfarlane.
Arrangement designed by Nina Sisk.