Floral Design: Between the Covers…of a Book!

What a great time to sit down by the fire with glass of wine or cup of tea and peruse a book that gives you ideas for floral designs – designs that are actually doable.  A few newly published volumes (and a few vintage items) are ready for you as the Holidays approach.

Color Me Floral – Stunning Monochromatic Arrangements for Every Season.Published March 6, 2018 and written by Nathan Underwood with photography by Kiana Underwood. Kiana, of Tulipina, is a renowned floral artist who presents the reader with secrets and techniques for creating arrangements in glorious, vibrant colors.  For fall, she suggests a striking magenta design complete with diagrams and clear directions. Click here to order Color Me Floral on Amazon.

The Flower Book – Published February 7, 2017 and written by Rachel Siegfried.  Her fall designs feature dahlias along with directions for how to arrange flowers with different styles, tips, and techniques.  The photographs are spectacular with sidebars full of helpful information that is easy to digest.  Rachel Siegfried’s flower farm, Green and Gorgeous, is located in the heart of the  Oxfordshire countryside and since 2008 has served as a local and seasonal alternative to the more commercial suppliers. Charmingly, Rachel describes her work as an expression of her love for flowers.  Click here to order The Flower Book on Barnes & Noble.
The Flower Recipe Book – Published April 2, 2013 and written by Jill Rizzo and Alethea Harampolis.  Perhaps you are familiar with Studio Choo located in San Francisco, the “hottest floral design studio in the country.”  You will be delighted with 400 photos and more than 40 step-by-step instructions.  Just follow the “recipe.” If you don’t already know about Studio Choo and its philosophy, you will want to lay your hands on this “arranging bible for today’s aesthetic.” Click here to order The Flower Recipe Book on Amazon.

In Full Flower. Inspired Designs by Floral’s New Creatives – Produced by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls and published by Rizzoli on April 25, 2017. More of a coffee table book than a “how to” book, you will be inspired to copy the breath-taking arrangements on every page. This volume is the first publication to feature the new wave of contemporary design.  The artists featured in this book are those who are rewriting the rules of floral design. Click here to order In Full Flower on Amazon. A quotation in the Preface by Constance Spry sounds the book’s philosophy and also the instructions. “Do what you please, follow your own star; be original if you want to be and don’t if you don’t want to be. Just be light-hearted and pretty and simple and  overflowing and general and baroque, and bare and austere and stylized and wild and daring and conservative, and learn and learn and learn. Open your mind to every form of beauty.”

Why not purchase a copy for yourself and for someone you know who loves flowers?  The perfect launch into the holidays!