Some Tips for DesigningYour Outdoor Pots

Start with an empty pot. Form a ball of chicken wire to insert in your container or fill with dirt. (Do not water before arranging as the dirt may freeze.) There are some advantages to utilizing dirt as the greenery will draw on the soil’s moisture and arrangements will stay fresher longer.
Gather your greens and other elements you would like to use, for example: Red Dogwood Branches, Evergreens (Pine boughs, cedar, fir, juniper & boxwood), Holly Branches and berries, Magnolia leaves, Birch sticks, Pinecones, Curly Maple, Seeded Eucalyptus, or Dried Hydrangea. Go out into your yard and start clipping, or visit your nearest nursery for supplies.
Start in the center with some of your taller greens and branches to establish your framework. Or, if it is being viewed from only three sides, start in the back with your taller pieces.
Create the “skirt.” Add those hanging and “spilling” pieces to cover the edge of your container.
Once you’re satisfied with your skirt add some of the other evergreens: use whatever you have on hand. You are looking to fill the space between your skirt and the taller center (or back) elements.
Embellish with your other ingredients: dried hydrangea, pinecones, holly, berries, etc.
These outdoor planters are easy to make and add a gorgeous statement to your winter outdoor décor.