February Horticulture Tips


When your hellebore flowers poke their heads out of the soil, apply a liquid fertilizer (such as fish emulsion) to give the plant a boost.
To use hellebores as a cut flower, wait until the flower has started to form seed before you cut.

Forcing Flowering Branches

Force outdoor branches to bloom inside by cutting 1-2 foot lengths of spring blooms – apple, cherry, plum, forsythia, lilac, dogwood, or honeysuckle.
After bringing indoors, cut a couple of 1 inch slits from the bottom of the stem, so they will take up water.
Place in a vase, add warm water and wait for bloom (2-6 weeks depending upon the type). The buds should open indoors at approximately the same time as they would bloom outdoors.

Fertilize your Bearded Iris in early spring with bone meal.

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