How to Get a Potted Hydrangea to Re-Bloom

How to get a potted hydrangea to re-bloom:

  • After the plant has stopped blooming, cut back the shoots, leaving 2 pairs of leaves on each shoot.
  • Repot in a slightly larger pot, using potting soil. Keep the pot indoors in bright light and provide enough water to keep the soil moist. 
  • After the chance of frost is past, bring your container outside and put it in a spot where it receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Feed it occasionally and pinch it back throughout the summer.
  •  Before the first frost, bring the hydrangea into an unheated garage or shed (35 – 40 degrees) and do not water for 6 weeks. This is the “cooling” or rest period. 
  • After 6 weeks, bring inside to warmer temperatures and resume watering and fertilizing. The hydrangea will re-bloom in approximately 4 months.