Spring Horticulture Tips

Now is the time to plant seeds of cool weather plants, such as arugula, spinach, lettuce and Swiss chard. Consider planting a “Victory Garden” for fresh produce during the corona virus crisis. 
Spring garden clean up check list:

  • Prune shrubs–reread Lise Woodard’s excellent article in March eNews.
  • Remove dead branches from your trees before they leaf out.
  • Remove winter mulch from your garden beds.
  • Remove emerging grass and weeds now as this will save you hours of time later in the season.
  • Edge garden beds. 
  • Prep soil with compost.
  • Clean pots.

Fertilize your hellebores with a one time application of liquid fertilizer and remove brown leaves. Wait until the flower just starts to set seed before using them as a cut flower. Float them in a shallow bowl for best display.
Cut back Type 3 clematis, which are those that flower in late summer, such as Sweet Autumn Clematis. If you are not sure what type of clematis you have, go online and see what group it is, and prune accordingly. Click here to find more information about the three clematis types.
Cut back most grasses (except Blue Avena Grass).