Environmentally Friendly Household Products

The Conservation Committee wanted to provide members with some resources to products we have found that are more environmentally friendly. If you have items that you love, please feel free to pass them on to us.

Silicone Bags:
Stasher Bags are made from silicone, which can be put in the dishwasher, is heat safe for sous vide or microwave and won’t leak BPA when heated. They are also very durable. Plus they are not opaque, so no fridge science experiments. Available on Amazon and at Bed Bath & Beyond. Click here to order.

Wool Dryer Balls:
100% wool dryer balls are a healthier alternative to dryer sheets. They help fluff towels and bedding and can be used for countless loads. These dryer balls are 100% wool and I use 4-6 depending on my load size. Click here to order.

Cleaning products:
Sarah Young uses vinegar and baking soda for cleaning products. “I have used these for many years. I like knowing that I am not adding weird chemicals to the environment and I also love knowing that my kitchen counters won’t contaminate my food because of residue from cleaning products. As a bonus, I am sure I have saved money over the years as well as not using lots of plastic containers. There are many specific recipes on the internet.”