Keeping Your Holiday Greens Fresh

1) Soak Submerge in a tub of clean water for a minimum of 24 hours
2) Drain and Treat Thoroughly front and back with an anti-transparent spray. Try Wilt-Pruf or Crowning Glory
3) Mist Every other day
4) Keep Cool Turn down the heat and use LED lights
5) Enjoy!

We are also planning to do a holiday greens workshop at the December General Meeting on December 10. We will be doing a Christmas “mossage.” It will be a tube-like base of different mosses that will support a variety of Christmas greens, berries and flowers. We will be doing our part to avoid floral foam. The end product can be displayed on a kitchen island, mantel or dining room table.

Also, for the Holiday Greens Workshop at the December meeting, a reminder for folks to bring clippers, a box or tray to transport your creation home, and a check for $45 made out to Martha Veldkamp.