Medicine Man

Burger might be known as the horticulturalist at Denver Botanic Gardens who manages the Morrison Center Greenhouse, the Josephine and York streetscape, Interiorscapes and the 16th  Street Mall Garden block, but his passion lies in Herbalism.  Herbalism can be defined as the study of botany  and use of plants  intended for medicinal  purposes or for supplementing  a diet.Garden Club of Denver members were treated to a very fun and informative presentation by Blake who explained that in order to properly utilize medicinal plants it is important to understand one’s own unique constitution. Diet, medication, illness, weather and stress are all factors that affect your constitution.   Knowing your particular make up helps to determine which plants should be most effective in your treatment. For those interested in learning more, Blake recommended the following books:  ” The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual”  by James Green and ” Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies that Heal” by Rosalee de la Foret.  Both are available on Amazon.Blake founded the Denver Medicinal Plant Society,, which meets the last Thursday of each month at DBG.  Its mission is ” To appreciate and explore the world of medicinal plants and natural medicine making through community, education, and social gatherings.”  Every month they make up some sort of concoction to take home.  Membership is $20 per year.  Blake mentioned that they like wine!Blake also leads a walking tour of DBG featuring medicinal plants. You bring your own tasty beverage and tour the grounds to learn of the many medicinal plants growing throughout the property. It is an opportunity to learn about the healing connection between humans and plants, and how to turn garden grown plants into medicine right in your own home.  The cost is $10 for members.  Sign up online at DBG.Now, if you need a little energy before you join him on a garden tour or meeting, you can attend Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga at the Gardens where you know who leads the class.  He’s quite a guy!  Find more information on the DBG Website.