Floral Design By Daniel Santamaria

“Make it Useful, Make It Beautiful” – Daniel Santamaria

In his own words:
“Floral art is my great passion, a way of life with a high emotional content. I express feelings and communicate sensations.”
Daniel Santamaria‘s work always starts from a concept developed using the best techniques together with the careful selection of materials. One aspect of his creations that will certainly appeal to those of us living in the west is his emphasis on the use of natural materials-stems, roots, twigs, and fruits, in addition to flowers and plants.  He is environmentally conscious and brings a “sustainable discipline that integrates nature and art.”
Daniel is truly international and a very busy man!  In 2016 he garnered a number of awards and honors including being chosen to jury the Barcelona World Flower Cup and participated in design events from Pescara, Italy to Genoa, Italy and the Europe Cup there as well as the Girona Temps de Flora in Spain.  In addition to these appearances, he has written his own book, Christmas Arrangements, and been published in numerous international floral design publications.