Panayoti Kelaidis Featured in Horticulture Magazine

GCA Honorary Member Panayoti Kelaidis is featured in the September/October issue of Horticulture Magazine. The article details Kelaidis’s love of rock gardens and how he got started in his horticulture career. Panayoti is a plant explorer, gardener and Public Garden Administrator with the Denver Botanic Gardens where he serves as Senior Curator and Director of Outreach. He has designed plantings for many of the DBG gardens, as well as being part of the design team at Centennial Garden and Denver Mayor Hickenlooper’s Water Conservation initiatives for Denver Parks. He has taken seven trips to South Africa, researching the high mountain flora there, as well as travels to the Andes, the Himalayas, Turkey and Europe. Many of his plant introductions are available through Plant Select, a worldwide introduction program he helped create and still fosters. Plant Selected has sold more than 50 million plants. Panayoti prides himself in helping forge a distinctive Western style of gardening.

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Panayoti Article Horticulture Magazine

Rock Alpine Garden. Photo courtesy of Denver Botanic Gardens.