New Denver Compost Collection Guidelines

The Garden Club of Denver Conservation Committee wants to make sure you are aware of the new Denver compost collection guidelines starting April 1, 2023.
We assume, if you live in Denver, you have a green bin, ready for all your food and yard waste. If you don’t, please sign up for a green bin now (click here).
Denver has issued new rules for filling your compost bin. The major changes include no used food container boxes (like pizza boxes), no paper (including tea bags and coffee filters), no compostable packaging and products, no yard waste bags except during the Leafdrop event, no compostable bags (except 3-gallon or smaller CMA certified bags.)
The Denver Compost website (click here) has a full explanation of all the rules. Be sure to read the FAQ section for more information about why the rules changed and what we can do as consumers to ensure the success of this program.
The Denver city goal is to keep food scraps and yard and plant trimmings out of the landfill to prevent harmful methane emissions while creating a marketable finished compost. Healthy soils absorb carbon dioxide and adding compost to your soil is one the most important ways you can help build healthy soils.