Bloom By Anuschka Workshop

The workshop on making a “Bloom Gift Arrangement” was just fabulous. With the guidance of Anuschka and Anna, all 22 of us went home with beautiful, professional arrangements.

Here are some of their tips:

On color

  • Orange is a true neutral and adds cheer to any arrangement.
  • When using white, either do all white or add just one color to white.
  • Use either warm colors or cool colors.
  • When in doubt, keep it monochromatic.

On Shape

  • When making an arrangement for a dining table, keep it below 11 inches.
  • The shape is created by the greens.
  • Grow ninebark, hydrangea or privet to use as the basis for your home arrangements.

On Texture

  • Fragrance is a part of texture. A vase of hyacinths, while lovely for a coffee table, will overwhelm a dinner table.
  • Use a knife to cut your flower stems, not clippers.