Floral Design at the Colorado Flower Collective

Sixteen Garden Club of Denver members attended the September Floral Design workshop held at The Colorado Flower Collective, a local wholesaler supplying florals and foliage from local/Colorado growers. Stefanie, the owner, started working in the floral industry at City Gal Flower, a local grower/farmer in Lakewood. She saw how florists were driving all over town trying to source product and realized there should be one destination for everything. She notes that Colorado Flower Collective’s mission “is to cultivate collaboration through a centralized market that brings growers and buyers together. Making it easier for those in the floral trade to source and purchase locally grown flowers encourages growth in our flower farming community, which in turn means more variety and a more dependable supply.”

The Collective works with roughly 20 Colorado growers. Some are large scale growers like Arrowhead Dahlias and others are small family growers who use their backyards.

Below are pictures of club members’ arrangements designed with product from The Colorado Flower Collective.