GCA History Tidbits

Have you ever been curious about GCA History?  In the GCA March 2018 quarterly business meeting minutes, the report of the GCA Historian suggests “a quick way to learn a quick inspirational story about GCA History is to go to the GCA public landing page.  Every month we take a look back at a significant event that happened that month in history.  Did you know, for example that if you enjoy the holiday wreaths and other greens which abound each December across our country, you likely have The Garden Club of America to thank.  Or that women of The Garden Club of America made significant contributions to the war efforts during both world wars. ‘Seeds for Britain,’ rolling kitchens, ambulance purchases, care of European children and countless other activities harnessed the resources, energy and commitment of clubs across the country and were significant pieces of the work at home in support of the effort overseas.  This month, as flower shows get in full swing, check out the article on the International Flower Show, a key GCA endeavor for nearly 50 years.” Click on the various topics on the GCA Public Landing Page for some very interesting information.