Garden Poem

Though we have just recently put our personal gardens to bed, I suspect many of us also have visions of next year’s gardens already dancing in our heads!  

New plant and seed catalogues will arrive in our mail boxes soon…bringing welcome comfort and inspiration under cold winter moons. 

So, to boost our plant reverie just a bit, please enjoy the top garden design trends forecasted for 2018, and these helpful tips.  (Information courtesy of the last issue of Garden Design Magazine.) 

  1. Embrace the Small Garden: With small gardens on the rise, choose garden components   wisely so they can be used for multiple purposes.
  2. Rethink Alfresco Dining: Push the dining area further out: Create a sanctuary with flooring and lighting.
  3. Make Craftsmanship a Priority: arbors, pergolas and cottage sheds add intimacy.
  4. Restore Habitats at Home: habitat loss is affecting not only bees and butterflies, but also birds and other animals, so try adjusting plant material to support local wildlife.
  5. Experiment with What You Grow: try growing unusual edibles, get creative with houseplants and cultivate succulents. 
  6. Create a Sense of Enclosure: one idea is to screen your street views with a deeply planted bed between the curb and the lawn. 
  7. Push the Seasonal Boundaries: don’t forget to select plants for Winter interest. Consider views from windows where you spend a lot of time. 
  8. Seek Inspiration in Person: make it a point to visit world-renowned gardens while traveling for new ideas.

As the old saying goes, it never hurts to dream….so here’s to 2018 and all that it may mean!