SMHC Seed Share

photo by Deborah Foy

A few tips on how to share seeds successfully via seed share at the Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference.

Pack up and label your seeds before you take them to the Shirley Meneice Conference in September.

2019 Seed Packets
Make sure your seeds are in a SEALED envelope. A classic small letter-sized envelope will work, but a touch smaller envelope will allow for more packets to share.

Number three (# 3) coin envelopes (2.5″ X 4.25″) are available at Staples or similar stores or online at

Seed Packets Labels
Click here for seed packet labeling instructions. Your seed packets must be labeled with the Botanical name (Genus, species, cultivar) and the common name.

You may easily use a black sharpie to label your seed pack envelopes or go to the GCA Website members’ page and enter “seed share envelope labels” in the search bar to find the labels. Instructions for printing are on that link or see below.

Print your labels on the template for 2″ x 4″ labels (Avery 8163) on label paper. Fill out, print, and apply the labels to #3 coin envelopes.

Collect, pack, label and share! Bring your seeds to Denver for theSMHC Seed Share. More information will follow about where and when to drop off seeds.