The Sweet Look of Success – From Seed To Blooms

In February, you joined 30 GCD members in our seed starting workshop and took home Floret Farm seeds. Varieties included Zinnia elegans ‘Oklahoma Pink’ and ‘Golden Hour’, Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Apricot Lemonade’ and ‘Double Click Cranberries’, Ocimum basilicum ‘Basil Dark Opal’ and Nicandra physalodes, ‘Apple of Peru’. 

Armed with expert advice from Deborah Foy and Sarah Young we marched off to set up our simple growing stations at home filled with hope and enthusiasm. That was February. Now it is August.  

It’s time to grab our cameras (iPhone or whatever camera you wish) and take pictures of our success!  Let’s share our horticulture prowess through photos of blooming zinnias, cosmos, basil and Apple of Peru.  Photograph them where you want — in your garden or in a vase.  

Email us by August 12th with one or two of your photos (please attach to an email, max size 2 mb each photo) and we will publish a GCD collage in eNews and on our club website.


Photography Committee Co-Chairs, Suellen White & Deborah Foy; Horticulture Committee Co-Chairs Nancy Schotters & Leslie Liedtke