Garden Club of Denver Day Proclamation

A special thank you to Janet Manning and Lindsay Dodge who wrote and submitted to Mayor Michael Hancock’s  Office a proclamation in honor of Garden Club of Denver’s 100 th anniversary.

The Proclamation reads:

Whereas: The Garden Club of Denver was founded in 1916 on a mutual love of gardening and the natural beauty of Colorado; and

Whereas: The Garden Club of Denver is a non-profit volunteer organization that seeks knowledge and expertise in horticulture, conservation, flower arranging and sharing these ideas and skills with its members and the community; and

Whereas: The Garden Club of Denver actively engages in horticulture, conservation, and preservation activities in a local, state and national level, and enjoys a long standing commitment to the Denver Botanic Gardens through volunteer participation and financial support; and 

Whereas: The Garden Club of Denver contributes to numerous non-profit organizations that share its mission; and

Whereas:The Garden Club of Denver and its partners, History Colorado and the National Park Service, have developed an educational program for third and fourth grade students about the four national parks and other National Park Service entities in Colorado, with the goal of making them stewards of these national resources for future generations. This program is the Club’s 100th anniversary gift to the community; and 

Whereas: The City and County of Denver wishes to thank the Garden Club of Denver for their service in horticulture, conservation, flower arranging and civic improvement to the city and beyond.

Now, therefore, I, Michael B Hancock, Mayor, of the City and County of Denver, Colorado, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby officially proclaim October 13, 2016, to be known as: “Garden Club of Denver Day.”