Letter From GCD President

On the heels of the wildly successful GCA Conservation Study Trip and with many other GCD members heading to New York this week for the GCA Quarterly Meeting, I thought this would be an appropriate month to highlight the members of Garden Club of Denver who do double duty by also serving on a GCA Committee. 
GCA Board of Associates: “The BOA is comprised of individuals who have formerly served as directors, officers, national committee chairmen, zone chairmen, or chairmen or co-chairmen of the annual meeting of the GCA.” Representing GCD are: Jane Davis, Lindsay Dodge, Sheilagh Hudon, and Betty Taylor.
GCA Conservation Committee: “The purpose of the Conservation Committee is to keep the GCA membership well informed on current conservation issues; to promote respect for natural resources and responsibility for environmental stewardship; to encourage clubs to identify and carry out conservation work locally; to provide environmental education programs for youth and the general public; and with the Executive Committee’s approval, to work with other conservation agencies and organizations whose programs complement those of The Garden Club of America.” Cindy Scott is the Vice Chairman of the Conservation Study Trip. 
GCA Finance Committee:”The Finance Committee oversees the financial well-being of the Corporation. It prepares the annual budget and monitors expenses.” And doesn’t that sound like fun? I sit on GCA Finance as the liaison to GCA Floral Design, Judging and Visiting Gardens. 
GCA Floral Design Committee: “The Floral Design Committee promotes interest and educates all GCA club members regardless of expertise and experience in the art of floral design. Its purpose is to encourage all club members to participate in floral design activities, to enhance the quality of the Floral Design Division in all flower shows, and to share the beauty and artistry of this discipline throughout the GCA”. Sally Obregon is serving as the Treasurer of this brand new GCA Committee.
GCA Horticulture Committee: “The Horticulture Committee seeks to nurture the knowledge and love of gardening, to promote useful and valuable plants and to conserve those at risk. It supports GCA clubs in their efforts to educate their communities in responsible ways to plant, propagate, grow and show”. Nancy Schotters is the Vice Chairman of the 2019 Shirley Meneice Horticulture Conference. 
GCA Judging Program and the Judging Committee: “The purpose of the Judging Committee is to maintain and promote the standards of excellence set by the GCA in judging flower shows.” Hope Connors and Susie Sheridan are Judges Emeritus, Sissy Gibson, Bonnie Grenney and Marilyn Wilson are Approved Judges and I am a Prospective Judge. Maureen Barker is serving as the Treasurer of the GCA Judging Committee. 
GCA Scholarship Committee:The Scholarship Committee was established to facilitate the administration of GCA scholarships and educational programs and help achieve greater awareness of these scholarships and programs within and outside GCA membership. Nina Sisk is the representative for Zone XII on the GCA Scholarship Committee. 
Wow! As you can see from above, although GCD may not be one of the biggest clubs in GCA, it certainly represents itself well on the national level, thanks to the commitment of the above GCD members.