Macro Photography

We had an enthusiast crew converge to study the elements of Macro Photography with professional photographer Rayna Tedford.  She lead us through an informative power point illustrating the nuances of photographing close up.

We had six work stations with various lights and plant material that were ready to be shot.  Some participants used their smartphones and a few actually used their Digital SLR cameras.  Our subject manner was interesting seed heads that we had collected throughout the fall and winter season.  It’s amazing how creative and abstract this subject matter became!  

Since macro photography of a seed head is one of the upcoming photography class for the GCD Annual Flower Show, many went home with a viable image for the flower show.  If anyone is interested learning about all this, a Power Point presentation will be posted on the GCD Website and of course Mary and Amy are always available if questions arise. 
Click here to see the Macro Photography Powerpoint Presentation on the GCD website.
Click here to learn more about Rayna Tedford.