Photography Focus: Photography Inspirations!

“When your heart jumps every time your camera locks focus…you’ve become a photographer” Mark Denman

Along with a sun hat, my iPhone is the other item I reach for every time I head outside. I’m not making calls or checking emails; I’m grabbing it to shoot a cool native bee sipping nectar, a perfect strawberry picked fresh from the garden or a praying mantis cocoon discovered on a fence post. Photography can be that simple and much more deliberate but it’s full of creativity, artistry and for me, a wonderful photo journal of my garden throughout the seasons.

Looking for a creative spark? Instagram has an abundance of incredible photographers that will inspire, from big nature shots in Rocky Mountain National Park @imagesofrmnp or the beautiful images of Colorado landscapes from Jody Grigg @jodygriggnatureshots.

GCA photographers also provide a wealth of inspiration and passion for capturing the world around us. Several are featured on the Photography Committee page of the GCA website. Their stories are fun to read and the photo galleries are outstanding. Karen McCormick picked up her dad’s camera as a child and a life-long passion was sparked. Sarah Starrett’s passion has led her to train as a GCA photography judge.

Consider entering the America The Beautiful photography contest for GCA when you are out capturing great images this summer. Choose from 12 different themed classes and send your digital JPEG image between September 1st and 30th for consideration.