Tips For Flower Photography on the iPhone

Look for details to capture unique flower images. Look beyond the surface of a flower for little things, like the way a petal curves, seed heads, how a rose is lit by a setting sun.
Use a macro lens to get closer to your subject. Ollo Clip offers several macro lenses.
Experiment with angles for jaw-dropping flower photos. Shoot from below or above the flower.
Take lots of shots.
Use the rule of thirds. Put the flower along one of the gridlines of the camera or on one of the grid junction points. Do not center the flower.
Shoot during golden hours for best light. During the hour or two just after sunset or before sunrise, the light is warm and soft.
Use light filtered by trees for beautiful backgrounds. Make sure the trees are in the background of your image.
Use Lock Focus for perfectly shot flower photos. Available on a camera or iPhone 11.
Photograph flowers with water droplets. Sprinkle a flower using a spray bottle or take your photograph after a rain.
Use editing to enhance your flower photos.

Happy shooting from the Photography Group!