Autumn Conservation News

Happy Fall from the GCD Conservation Committee!  The first frost is coming, but there is still time for gardening in our perennial beds and harvesting our gardens if we act soon.  As the leaves fall from our trees, please consider #leavetheleaves to provide food and shelter for butterflies, beetles, bees, moths, and more.

To celebrate all things fall, the conservation and horticulture committees invite you to the Garden Club of Denver Harvest Lunch on Tuesday, October 17 at 11 a.m. at Lisa G.’s home.  The theme of the lunch is “eat your garden,” and we were inspired by an article in the summer 2023 ConWatch entitled “Eat The Forest Of The Future” – click on the title in this link:

The Harvest Lunch is potluck, so please harvest your garden (and supplement as needed!) for your favorite dish.  Please also bring a small floral arrangement to exchange with others.  You will receive an email with a signup genius with additional details to RSVP.  We look forward to celebrating fall with you.
-Story by Lynn D and photos by Suellen W.