Conservation Committee Field Trip to Marston Water Treatment Plant

The Conservation Committee recently visited the Denver Water’s Marston Water Treatment Plant to learn a little more about Denver Water. The Marston facility is one of three water plants that treat the drinking water supply for 1.4 million residents of Denver. Marston Reservoir is fed from the South Platte River and Strontia Springs Dam in Waterton Canyon. The water then goes through a 5-part treatment process (here is where your 7th grade science comes back!) before it is delivered to our taps. The 5-part process is explained really well on the Denver Water’s Website. Click here to follow a virtual tour.

While visiting Marston, we had a chance to ask questions about the Denver Water’s Water Recycling Program and Grey Water Program. This provided insight to the large scale of infrastructure and education that is needed when dealing with different “types” of water, in addition to following all city, county, state, and federal regulations. Whew! We are looking into a follow-up lecture or general meeting to continue the discussion.