Support Protect Our Pollinators Colorado License Plate

This new Colorado license plate features a Hunt’s Bumblebee and the Blanket Flower, both native to Colorado. The plate itself brings attention to the essential existence of pollinators in our state and across the globe. All proceeds support the People and Pollinator Action Network (PPAN). More specific information about how to make a one-time tax deductible donation to PPAN and get your Protect Our Pollinators license plates is here.

“I love having this plate which has a stylized native gaillardia flower on it behind the native bumble bee, Bombus huntii.  It has such fun colors too!” said Garden Club of Denver member Cindy S.

“PPAN does a lot of work at the legislative level so the impact on pollinator and environmental issues stretches state wide. Just yesterday when I was parking someone asked me about my pollinator plate. As intended, it’s been a great way to educate people and raise awareness,” said GCD member Deborah F.

Thank you to all the citizens involved with the petition effort and to the Colorado State Legislature for finalizing the bill.