Horticulture Trip to Civic Center Park

On May 16th, ten enthusiastic GCD members plus three gracious guests navigated the downtown parking and found their way to Civic Center Park to volunteer with the Civic Center Conservancy (CCC) for a spring planting morning. We were scheduled to do some hands-on horticulture work but Mother Nature had other plans as the ground was too wet to plant. Thus, we were asked to dig up some large, established bushes for replacement in front of the Denver City & County Building. While enjoying the nice architecture surrounding us, this group of women were up to the challenging task! Let’s just say there was a lot of digging under hot sun and everyone chipped in where they could. Significant weeding was accomplished as well.

The group then migrated closer to the Capitol side of the park where we spread compost on the cover crops. We got a chance to meet Linda Kiker from Grow Local Colorado (GLC) which is a CCC partner organization which plants and maintains a sizable vegetable garden at Civic Center Park (as well as other locations in the metro area). Each September GLC harvests an abundant vegetable crop which they then deliver to food banks around the city. There are many potential volunteer opportunities in the future to explore with Civic Center Conservancy and/or Grow Local.

Story by Suzanne M.
Photos by Cindy S.