May Meeting Floral Design Demonstration

The May General Meeting featured Floral Design Philosophy as presented by Cora, Lisa, Elizabeth and Martha. Participants learned valuable floral design insights and design principles.

-Pros of a Design Team Approach Grab a partner and get a team together because we think it creates a unique design and it’s more fun! Try each person taking turns picking and placing flowers in the arrangement; let the other person pick the color palette or the types of flowers; one person starts the arrangement and second person finishes it; brainstorm and show each other pictures for inspiration.

-Mix it up Try mixing tropical with English garden with wild flowers.

-Get Inspired It can be one flower you just love and have to use in the arrangement, a photo from the internet, or what’s in season.

-Curtailed Color Palette Pick 2-3 colors but add depth through different shades within each color. We try and stay away from incorporating the entire rainbow.

-Flower Selection For a dynamic/elevated design try to incorporate the following flower shapes: greenery, texture, linear, large head, medium head, face and dancing.

-Greenery Hosta, ruscus, camellia, ferns, geranium, eucalyptus, the list is endless!

-Texture Wheat, grasses, pods, blooming branches like apple, cherry, quince or forsythia, berries, thistle, etc.

-Linear Stock, lupine, foxglove, snapdragons, celosia, delphinium, etc.

-Large head Hydrangea, peonies, Roses, dahlias, amaryllis, bearded iris, etc.

-Medium head Roses, carnations, mums, marigolds, etc.

-Face Anemones, zinnias, orchids, some dahlias, daises, poppies, etc.

-Dancing (delicate stem that moves when you gently shake the flower) Try sweet peas, cosmos, tulips, orchids, ranunculus, scabiosa, etc.

-Good Mechanics=less frustration Solid mechanics will make it easier to place each bloom where you want it. 

Examples: new biodegradable foam from Agra Wool, Oshun pouch for Floral Mechanics or use chicken wire, tape the vase in a grid, etc.

-Shape Pick a shape to design based off the container you’re using. Or try something new that’s out of your comfort zone. Modern/Trending shapes are: asymmetrical, U, wildflower/meadow, segmented (cluster each type of flower together).