Donating bouquets from DBG gardens at end of season

DBG Annual Garden

Nine GCD club members gathered at DBG Annual Garden on October 3rd to design hand-tied bouquets using all florals and foliage from the beds that DBG employee Bridget had designed so beautifully before they were dug up, composted and replaced with spring bulbs.

Members designed 22 bouquets to give as thank yous to DBG employees who helped us all season long.  It was fun to design with garden flowers, seeing a large scale landscape amplified in a compact/small bouquet. The colors were vibrant and the textures were dynamic. When we gave Bridget her bouquet, she hugged it with joy! DBG employees were appreciative of our thoughtful gesture. We will offer this outing again next year, possibly on a larger scale.

Lainie’s Cutting Garden

We had a blast designing bouquets out of the DBG Annual Garden and gathered again on October 18 in Lainie’s Cutting Garden to design hand-tied bouquets. Because we were able to design 22 bouquets already to give to DBG employees, we were able to give these arrangements to all our wonderful GCD Emerita club members. 


Elizabeth Weigand, our Floral Design and DBG Flower Arranging Chair notes, “a big, heartfelt thank you to Nancy Schotters and Linda Zinn (and those members who volunteered to prune the garden) for keeping Lainie’s in pristine condition this season. It was a successful summer because of their efforts!