Garden Club of Denver’s Annual Flower Show Results

Horticulture Results

Class 1 (Mother and Child): 1) Courtney Marsters 2) Marilyn Wilson 3) Nancy Schotters

Class 2 (Balanced Container): 1) Mary Fowler 2) Martha Veldkamp 3) Nina Sisk

Class 3 (Made in the Shade): 1) Leslie Liedtke 2) Mary Fowler 3) Nina Sisk & Marilyn Wilson

Class 4 (What’s in Your Garden?)
A – Peonies: 1) Marilyn Wilson 2) Elizabeth Weigand 3) Mary Fowler
B – Roses: 1) Nina Sisk 2) Janet Manning
C – Vines: 1) Nancy Schotters 2) Nina Sisk 3) Janet Manning
D – Lupine: 1) Mary Fowler

Overall winner, Mary Kountz Knowles Award: Mary Fowler

Floral Design Results

Class 1 (See Saw): 1) Bonnie Grenney 2) Nina Sisk

Class 2 (Walk the Line): 1) Ann Ellis 2) Bonnie Grenney

Class 3 (Reinvent the Wheel): 1) Martha Veldkamp 2) Nina Sisk 3) Janet Manning and Elizabeth Weigand

Overall winner, Ada Welborn Cup: Martha Veldkamp

Photography Results

Class 1 (Balancing Light and Beauty in a Plant Portrait): 1) Alice Hughes 2) Suellen White 3) Liza Grant

Class 2 (Balancing Nature and Creativity Through Architecture): 1) Suellen White 2) Kathleen Woodberry 3) Alice Hughes

Class 3 (Balancing the Horizon): 1) Amy Mower 2) Mary Fowler 3) Marianne Sulser

Overall Winner, Photography Bowl: Kathleen Woodberry

Garden Club of Denver’s Annual Club Awards

Spirit of 2006 Award

In honor of the Spirit of 2006, this awards is given to a committee of the Garden Club of Denver which has performed extraordinarily well for the Club during its term. This was a tough decision but … the Photography Committee made up of Margaret Garbe, Sarah Grey and Amy Mower surpassed the rest with its amazing variety and frequency of great workshops and wonderful instructors.

The Conservation Award

In 2000, a silver bowl was given to the Garden Club of Denver by Linda Roberts Zinn to be presented yearly, if appropriate, to a member or members for outstanding contribution to conservation. The member receiving this award this year was riding her bike one day and noticed that a bio swale along the bike path was a mess. She took the initiative to apply for and receive a P4P grant to restore the bioswale. Further, she organized clean up days, seed bomb making and replanting. Nan Procknow was the unassuming conservation queen this year and is so deserving of the 2019 Conservation Award.

The Florence Martin Cup

In 2012, a footed silver urn was discovered at the Waring House by Denver Botanic Gardens staff. It bears the name of Florence Martin, a past member of the Garden Club of Denver. The inscription reads:

“To Florence Martin from a few of her many friends in Denver.” On the back it also notes “New friendships come, old friendships stay, which is stronger is hard to say. Love is not measured by the time that has passed. Florence is treasured, whether first or last.”

Beginning in 2012, the Florence Martin Cup has been awarded annually to a long-serving member of the Garden Club of Denver who has demonstrated unstinting generosity in the sharing of her friendship and her life’s store of knowledge with all members of the club.

This year’s delightful winner has been a member of GCD since 1976, served as 1988-1990 GCD president, has won multiple awards, is a GCA Emeritus Floral Design judge who was back on the judging panel last week at the Broadmoor show. Always ready with a quick smile and a wealth of knowledge, and also very stylish, the 2019 Florence Martin Cup recipient is Hope Connors.

Walker Tears Tureen

In 1939, a silver tureen was given to the Garden Club of Denver by Mr. Irwin Tears in memory of Mrs. Hepburn Walker and Mrs. Daniel Tears. In 1941, it was voted that the tureen be given each year to the member who does the most outstanding work for the Garden Club of Denver for that year. As noted, GCD is a hard-working, fun loving collection of talented women and it is hard to pick only one or two recipients. The 2019 winners of the Walker Tears Tureen are Deborah Foy and Cindy Scott for all their work on organizing the extremely successful and wildly popular 2018 GCA Conservation Study Trip.

Ada Welborn Cup

In 1936, a silver cup was purchased by the Garden Club of Denver, to be awarded for expertness in flower arranging to an exhibitor at the Annual Meeting Flower Show, selected by a vote of the members. It is named for Ada Welborn, one of the Founders of the Garden Club of Denver. This year’s Ada Welborn Cup goes to Martha Veldkamp.

Mary Kountze Knowles Horticulture Award

In 1991, a silver cup was given to the Garden Club of Denver by Nancy Kountze Mitchell (Mrs. John C Mitchell, II) in memory of her sister, Mary Kountze Knowles. The cup belonged to their mother, Louise Bulkley Kountze, and it was thought to be a wedding present, about 1907. It is awarded for excellence in horticulture at the Annual Meeting Flower Show, selected by a vote of the members.

Photography Bowl

In 2004 a GCA Anniversary Bowl, once belonging to Mrs. Alonzo Lily, was given at the Garden Club of Denver by her granddaughter. It was decided in 2007 that the bowl be presented at the Annual Meeting Flower Show to the best of show in photography.This year’s Photography Bowl goes to Kathleen Woodberry.

Garden Club of America Awards

Muffie Dahlberg – GCA Member 40 Years of Service Certificate – with appreciation for her judicious work in maintaining our club’s history and archives over a span of many years.

Hope Connors – GCA Member 40 Years of Service Certificate – with appreciation for her many decorative and fundraising talents, and her leadership in floral design, both as a GCA judge and local floral arranger.

Joanne Sinclaire – GCA Club Conservation Award – with admiration for her leadership, most notably on the GCA’s Partner for Plants OSHA Research Project in Chama, New Mexico, and the Mount Goliath Project.