Behind My Garden Gate: Rosa Eden

The ‘Eden climber’ captured my heart the first time it bloomed. I don’t just like this rose; I adore it. The luscious, soft, full blossoms have a sweet, but not cloying, fragrance. Rich in depth and soft to the touch, the blossoms remind me of that feeling of pulling on a warm bathrobe on a cold winter morning – pure luxury.
Rosa ‘Eden’ has white and light pink blossoms, in the old-rose style, and large, semi-glossy leaves. The blooms reach 3”- 4” in diameter. Introduced in 1985 in France, it needs sun, but not all day long. My small climber is against the east wall of the house, getting sun until the afternoon. It is reported to bloom less in half-day sun, but as you can see in the photo, there are a respectable number of blossoms on mine. This plant thrives in heat and responds well to regular fertilizing. It is the perfect backdrop to a perennial bed or a star when climbing up a trellis or on a fence. Hydrangea, lilies, and phlox are planted around mine. Oh, and by the way, it is a repeat bloomer, from July-September.

I bought my rose from White Flower Farm. Click here to order.