Horticulture Happenings

Be a Smart Ash – The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has the potential to destroy many of Metro Denver’s 1.45 million ash trees. Now is the time to treat your ash trees to try to prevent their demise. For more information go to BeASmartAsh.org.

Japanese Beetles – Research has shown that the continued application of a milky spore product may somewhat reduce the overall numbers of Japanese beetles in future years. Milky spore is an organic method (bacterium) of controlling the beetles that is spread on the soil for the grubs to eat. Once ingested, the grubs die and decay, releasing the milky spore back into the soil allowing the milky spore to continually regenerate. However, the only way the milky spore nematodes will spread is if they are ingested by the grubs, so timing of the application is important. To find more information about milky spore and other Japanese beetle treatments, go to Colorado State Extension Web site.