Getting to Know – The Impact of GCA Scholarships

In March, the GCA Scholarship Committee convened to thoughtfully review and consider scholarship applications for 2023. Impressively, 86 scholars were approved and a total of $402,500 has been awarded. A full report detailing the scholars and their projects will appear in GCA’s Summer Issue of The Bulletin.

Of additional interest is the announcement of a feature film that will be aired at Denver Botanic Gardens this summer whose creator is also a GCA Scholarship recipient. 

Charlotte F. (Charly), received the 2022 Corliss Knapp Engle Scholarship in Horticulture. In collaboration with the University of Oslo and with support from the GCA and other preservation focused agencies, Charly has launched a 25-minute documentary titled “Nordic Seed Heroes.” 

Intended to conserve Nordic ethnobotanical heritage, Charly’s film shares diverse stories of our relationship to seeds and provides prescient ideas regarding vital seed culture, diversity, preservation and survival. Examples of successful opportunities with seed exchanges and their maintenance for our environmentally challenged world are also offered.  

Should you not wish to wait until summer to see this amazing film at DBG, it is currently available for viewing on the GCA website (Click here to view the film.) Simply go to the Members section, then click on Videos and Publications. When you see the “pop up,” click on Videos. Once you are on the Videos landing page, scroll down until you find Scholarly Showings. Nordic Seed Heroes will inspire you! 

Charly has been commended for her research, interviewing, and presentation skills.