Do You Need Some Space?

When you look at this picture what do you see first?
A face or a vase?


If you see a vase, then you are seeing the white areas as the positive space and the black areas as the negative space.

If you see faces, then you are seeing the black areas as the positive space, and the white area as the negative space.



In floral design , SPACE is the complete three dimensional area occupied by the composition, both positive and negative. And it’s an important element to consider when arranging.

And as esteemed judge and author of The Encyclopedia of Judging and Exhibiting , Esther Veramae Hamél wrote, “The precocious designer does not leave the distribution of space to chance, but uses it knowingly, not negatively but positively .”

For more SPACE fun, check out the March issue of the Floral Design Committee’s magazine, By Design.  It is a vailable on the GCA Website by clicking here .

You will see stellar designs created for the Zone IV flower show “It’s In The Stars” & Makoto Azuma’s floral design which was actually launched into ……….You guessed it. – SPACE !